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PVC-u Sash and Case Windows

Scotia Double Glazing manufacture and install high quality sash windows in the Ayrshire, Glasgow and West Central Scotland areas.

For many years the window replacement market has been crying out for a range of PVC-u windows which would sympathetically replace the original features of a timber sash and case product.

We believe the Scotia PVC-u vertical sliding sash fits this brief perfectly and fits your home perfectly too.

In order that you can fully appreciate the time and effort dedicated to this tailor made range of windows we have detailed some of the key features below.

How to Replicate the Look of a Perfectly Balanced Sash Window

How to Replicate the Look of a Perfectly Balanced Sash WindowMany pvc-u sash windows destroy the look of your home because they do not have a clean vertical glass line through the upper and lower sashes. Your new windows from Scotia will normally consist of two sliding squares each incorporating a double glazed sealed unit which can be split in various proportions to ensure the design suits your home.

By equalising the upper and lower glass widths and adjusting the heights it is possible to have perfectly balanced proportions on Georgian or leaded glass. It is vital that this detail is not overlooked, otherwise the entire appearance of your home may change.

Recreating the Authentic Sash Windows

Recreation of authentic sash windowOur vertical sliding sash profile is designed with a sculptured detail inside and out as these finishing details are what you would expect to find on virtually every original sash window. Our sliding sash “Classic” and “Authentic” range also come as standard with a Window Energy Rating “A” rated label. This means that you’ll benefit from greater comfort and lower fuel bills.

Colour Options

Our Sliding Sash range is available in a variety of colour options to ensure that you can choose the right product to enhance your home. Our colour finishes are as follows.

  • White PVC-u
  • White Wood Foiled PVC-u
  • Ice Cream Foiled PVC-u
  • Cherry Foiled PVC-u


Sash window hornsThese were originally designed to prevent the top sash being pulled down too far which could result in the lead weights loosening inside the box. In our window they are purely decorative, recreating the traditional appearance of box sash windows. Our sash horns are available in two options the first of which is best described as a plant on horn as it is fixed directly onto the bottom of the top sash (see plant on horn picture). Only the highest grade A.S.A. compound should be used on the plant on horns for your windows so that you can be certain they will not fade or discolour and that they are firmly secured to the sash and not attached with springs that often dislodge and pop out!

The second option available is to have continuous horns these are made by extending the sides of the frame on the top sash and routing to create a more natural sculptured effect. This is then finished with an A.S.A. compound covering piece. The finished appearance is stunning creating a more authentic finish to your new window (see picture showing white foiled “Authentic Range” with continuous horn).

Surface Mounted Georgian

Surface mounted Georgian astragals and barsMany planning officers have objected to the use of PVC-u sliding sash windows due to the fact that that single Georgian astragals and full Georgian bars tend to be fitted between the two panes of glass and clearly this did not have the same look. At Scotia we can offer an alternative with our authentic surface mounted Georgian bar. The surface mounted design will add a third dimension to your windows creating depth, character and shadow lines. To ensure complete authenticity our spacer bar follows the line of your authentic Georgian design as this keeps the appearance of individual glass units.

We should also point out that our surface mounted bar is fitted in a unique fashion as experience tells us that many people push or pull the sash or even in some cases they lift open the sashes using the surface mounted Georgian.

This causes a big problem because if the authentic bar is not fixed correctly, the barcan come off in your hand!

Our bars are firstly taped securely to your window and then an ingenious patented design allows them to interlock securely with each other where they meet.

Finally, they are secured permanently in place with unique Georgi-clips (Classic and Vintage Range only)… another patented design, which means that each bar is continuous, cut to fit the sash snugly and guaranteed to remain securely in place at all times. We are so confident with this technology that we are happy for you to open and close our range using the Georgian bar – they simply will not come off.

Sash Window Locking Handles

Sash window locking handlePerhaps one of the weakest components of old sash windows was the cam catch. Burglars could have easy access to many homes as they could easily flick open the old latch with something as simple as a butter knife.

Not any more! With a choice of white, gold or chrome colours, the superb key locking cam gives you all the strength and security required to deter unwanted visitors.

Sash Window Limit Stops / Restrictors

Sash window limit stops / restrictorsLimit stops are spring loaded devices that prevent a window from opening beyond 100mm, which is particularly important for bedroom windows where there are young children.

Some companies fit nylon limit stops which save money but these cannot be locked and therefore the window can be fully opened. All of our windows are fitted with lockable limit stops for your peace of mind.

Sash window limit stopIn addition, our window has two limit stops as standard. This is because experience has shown that where only one limit stop is fitted that over time the lower sash will twist as a result of the sash banging into the upper sash.

This impact eventually leads to the sash shape becoming trapezoidal and as a result the glass setting blocks become loose which leaves the glass loose. By fitting two limit stops as standard any banging of sashes is equalised which keeps the sash square and prolongs the life of your window.

Original Stained Glass

Often a concern a number of our clients have is whether their new windows can incorporate original stained glass into their new windows. In most cases the original design can be removed, altered and completely refurbished before being fitted into a triple glazed unit. We can also offer a design service whereby original glass designs can be replicated on the external glass surface.

Cleaning Sash Windows

Cleaning sash windowsAll modern sash windows are designed to tilt inwards to allow for ease of cleaning. Short, spring loaded bolts engage the sash behind the frame section. Most are just plastic, not very strong and a bit fiddly to operate. However, ours are specially designed and steel reinforced and the rounded shape of the knob matches that of the cam catches which enhances the beauty of your window.

With most sashes weighing over 40lbs (18.2 kg) it is vital that a pair of tilt restrictor stays are fitted to each sash both top and bottom.

These bars are known as tilt restrictors and they allow sliding sashes to be tilted for safe internal cleaning. Many companies will save on costs by fitting tilt restrictors to the lower sash only or by fitting just a single tilt restrictor to save on costs.

This is false economy as a pair of tilt restrictors on each sash provides double the safety for you as without them there is a risk that the sashes could come crashing into your home.

Tilting sash window designed for easy cleaningParticularly large sashes should not be allowed to tilt for cleaning as the sash is simply too heavy and exceeds the maximum weight to be tilted safely. It may be a surprise to learn that many of our competitors fit nothing at all to these larger sizes. Clearly, if lighter sashes can be dangerous then those exceeding safety limits could pose a serious problem if opened accidentally. As a result, every window that exceeds the safe size for the standard easy-clean restrictors will have a short pair of safety stays fitted. This means that if these oversize windows are opened accidentally they will remain vertical and unable to damage anyone or anything.


Sash window Ultralift balanceThere are a variety of different balances used in the market for vertical sliding sash windows. Our standard specification allows for pretensioned spiral Ultralift balances. This balance has a smooth operation as the tension is “factory set” or pre-tensioned. These sturdy balances are designed for weights up to over 60lbs (28kg). They have been independently tested by the B.B.A. to exceed 20000 cycles (that’s over 25 years if opened twice a day).

In cases where the sashes exceed the above weights, double spring and spiral or Torso balances are utilised. These are manufactured in 1lb (0.5kg) increments and contain two springs one of which is wound clockwise the other anti clockwise. This means that as the window is opened one spring is getting longer whilst the other is compressing and becoming shorter, counterbalancing each other for their entire life.


Sliding sash window weatherproofingAll of our windows use a brush pile with a special central plastic strip designed to retain its shape far longer than less costly piles and increase the resistance to draughts by as much as 30%.

Cill pads are utilized on the “Classic” and “Vintage” range of sliding sash windows. These foam pads which have been specially designed to the shape of your frame sections will compress when screwed together and ensures a compact and effective barrier to moisture ingress. Foam baffles are also fitted to the sides of the sashes to ensure a snug and draught free fit.

Hardware Options

Hardware options for sash windows by Scotia Double GlazingIn order that you can choose the finishing details to suit your home all of our lockable cam catches, limit stops, pole rings, tilt knobs and scroll handles are available in gold chrome and white.

The first choice for sash and case windows in the Ayrshire, Glasgow and West Central Scotland areas.

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