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Roofline ventilation from Scotia Double Glazing, Ayrshire and Glasgow

Jumbovent eaves protection for roofs

It is vitally important when you refurbish your roofline that you examine the role ventilation plays in prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

In the majority of homes insulation is fitted to the loft floor, which does help to insulate the main living space. However, if your loft space is not adequately ventilated, heat rising from the living areas of your home will rise into the loft space causing condensation on the inner structure of your roof. If left unattended, this condensation will eventually cause premature deterioration of your roof timbers.

A Scotia roofline system has a number of ways of ensuring your home is properly ventilated. Our sales team and your surveyor will be happy to advise you. The following are some examples of the ventilation options available.

Continuous Soffit Ventilation

This option provides ventilation to the loft space through pre-routed ventilation holes in the soffit board as shown in the adjacent picture.

Circular Ventilation

In this case our soffit boards are fitted and our installers will calculate how many circular ventilation holes must be cut into the board to provide adequate ventilation.

Jumbovent Eaves Protection™

Incorporating your eaves’ protection and ventilation means that you can have all the benefits of an eaves protection system whilst at the same time providing ventilation to your roof space.

Over Fascia Ventilation

Over fascia ventilation provides discreet ventilation to your roof structure and due to its positioning you are less likely to have bugs or insects gaining access to your roof space.

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