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Dry Verge

Before Dry Verge installation

Before Dry Verge installation

After Dry Verge installation

After Dry Verge installation

The optional fitting of dry verge eradicates the need for regular maintenance of the cement pointing at the underside of the roof tile on the gable end of your home.

You can see in the “before” picture how the cement pointing has eroded as a result of high winds causing the roof tiles to vibrate which in turn causes the cement pointing to crack.

Once the cracks in the cement pointing have been established water can penetrate the cracks and freeze during our cold winters this will result in expansion of the water and further cracks appearing in the pointing. As the pointing deteriorates the water penetration to your roof can cause untold damage to your roof structure and as we are all aware repairs can be expensive.

Erosion Prevention

Our dry verge offers a long term solution to this problem as it caps the edge of the roof tile and provides a seal to your roof which prevents water penetration and there for the resultant damage can be eradicated as shown in the “after” picture which shows roofline with dry verge.

Our dry verge is available in a variety of finishes to complement your roof tile.

The first choice for roofline dry verge in Ayrshire, Glasgow and West Central Scotland.

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