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What is a composite Door?

A composite door is a door made up of a variety of elements. So rather than the entire door being made from PVC-u the outer frame may be composed of a steel reinforced PVC-u whilst the door leaf comprises of an extremely tough and durable thermo set fibreglass skin fixed onto a water resistant composite material which is surrounded by a high density foam core ensuring that your new door will provide a durable, well insulated and beautiful addition to your home.

Scotia’s Range of Composite Doors

See the full range of Scotia composite doors for your home. Or contact us for more details.

Key features of a composite door

  • Similar on cost to a PVC-u Door
  • Improved security for your home (PAS 023/024 and Secured by Design approved)
  • Wide variety of colour finishes and decorative glass designs
  • High thermal insulation
  • Excellent sound proofing

Composite Doors costs are similar to PVC Door Costs

As demand has increased for our composite door we have been able to negotiate lower pricing from our suppliers, making it only marginally more expensive than PVC-u, Scotia composite doors come in a fabulous range of colour options such as red, blue, black, green, white, rosewood, and cherry finishes and a whole range of features that offer potential customers some significant improvements from PVC-u products.

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Improved Home Security

Each door is manufactured to a high level of security and complies with PAS 023/024 security accreditation as well as Secured by Design approval ensuring that you can stay safe and secure in your home.

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Manufacture and Build Quality

The maximum thickness of the frame used for a PVC-u Door is 70mm and this frame can accommodate either 28mm toughened safety glass sealed units or decorative door panels of the same overall thickness. Composite doors are fitted into a 70mm thick PVC-u outer frame, however the Composite range door leaf is 44mm thick offering better insulation and sound proofing than either a PVC-u door and also much better than traditional wooden door.

Secured by Design is a design standard Developed and awarded by the UK Police.
You can read more about this standard for Home Security at Secured by Design.

Build your perfect composite door!

Composite front door vs wooden front door

A blue composite door and a red hardwood panelled door

Insulation of a composite door compared to a hardwood panelled door

The images below shows a blue composite door with double glazed glass fanlight next to a red hardwood panelled door with single glazed fanlight.

The image on the below shows the same products through a thermal imaging camera…..the results show the vastly superior insulation of the composite products

Energy efficiency of composite door vs traditional door

The composite door show much less heat loss due to its higher thermal insulation

Improved Sound Proofing

In addition to increased thermal performance and improved sound proofing our composite door faces or skins are 2mm thick made from a GRP Thermo Set Fibreglass, producing a strong and hard- wearing product that’s designed to take the knocks of everyday life.

Fibreglass is a tough and versatile product which has been used in the fishing industry for many years in the construction of boats, key attributes includes high impact resistance, extremely low thermal expansion (particularly in south facing locations) and strength.

Composite Door Skins/Finishes

Our Composite Door skins or faces are manufactured in Thermo Set Fibreglass by taking a mould of an American Oak Hardwood door. This detailing in the design ensures that when you look at the composite door skin all of the feature wood graining and end graining is exactly as it should be creating a door with looks that you can be extremely proud of.

Close up image of the grain detail on our composite doors

The level of detail is taken from a mould of an American Oak door

Wide range of colours

Our Composite colour choice has the following colour combinations available:

  • White / White
  • Red/White
  • Blue/White
  • Green/White
  • Black/White
  • Cherry/White
  • Cherry/Cherry
  • Rosewood/White
  • Rosewood /Rosewood

Customer Choice

This provides our customers with a choice of over 150 door desigs with a complete range of decorative glass to match……the range and choice is astounding.

Other Optional Features

All composite doors can be fitted with a wide selection of fanlights, ironmongery and, matching side panels.

Virtually Scratchproof – Beware of spray painted imitations

It should also be noted that the Scotia range of composite door skins is coloured throughout the whole depth of the 2mm skin to ensure that any scratches to the door skins do not reveal a different coloured surface below. Some unscrupulous businesses supply all their doors with white skins and spray paint the door surface in an attempt to achieve similar short term looks, however which these doors get scratched they will reveal an unsightly white skin below the painted finish.

Advantages in choosing a Composite Door

Scotia Double Glazing’s range of composite doors allow you choice in colour selection improved security, high thermal insulation and good sound proofing.

Scotia Interactive Online Door Builder

The Scotia Online Door builder helps you design your own door. Select your door style, colour and glass.

Composite Doors vs PVC doors

For many years now PVC-u Doors have been the market leader however recently Composite Doors have re-emerged as the new guy to take on the might of PVC-u. Composite doors were first introduced in the 90’s as an alternative to PVC-u however pricing and supply problems forced many of the major fabricators to go back to the drawing board and produce a new and innovative product that could seriously challenge the stranglehold that PVC-u doors have in our markets.

Ask for more information on Composite Doors from Scotia:

Build your perfect composite door!

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