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Top Tips for Choosing a Double Glazing Firm

Top Tips for Choosing a Double Glazing Firm

At Scotia Double Glazing we believe in fairness and providing the best product for a customer’s needs. The double glazing industry has had a poor reputation and we want to do our bit to give some of the love back, show you that we’re not all bad guys.

We’ve got a list of our top ten tips you should take into consideration when choosing a firm to undertake work for you.

Tip No 10

Quality of Installers

Ensuring that you’re installer is has a wide and varied experience of installing replacement windows and doors is vital to ensure that you get a quality job on your home. Good firms, who are interested in providing their customers with a quality service will monitor their performance and be more than happy to arrange visits to previously installed jobs.

Tip No 9

Window and Door Security

The windows and doors installed in your home provide protection from the elements. Often customers forget that they also provide an important barrier for you and your family to unwanted intruders! British Standards Institute test windows to an “Enhanced Window Security Kitemark BS 7950” which tests to ensure that they surpass strict security standards. A similar standard PAS 023/024 is also available for doors. Protect your family, home and possessions by insisting that your supplier has achieved these approvals and can provides copy certificates as proof.

Tip No 8

Choose a Firm with Experienced Representatives

A tongue in cheek reputation precedes “double glazing salespeople”.  It is like anything else in life, you find conscientious and knowledgeable people wherever you go and a key factor to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your product is getting the right advice regarding design, ventilation, fire escapes, cleaning, finishing etc. Chatting to friends, neighbours or relatives about their experiences should help point you in the direction of a good reliable firm with experienced representatives.

Tip No 7

Cost against Value

In today’s harsh economic climate value for money is of prime importance to many customers. Whilst it’s important to find replacement windows and doors specified to your needs more vital that you examine in detail what you get for your money. For example many companies provide a lower specification product for a lesser cost. It doesn’t mean that a more expensive company is ripping you off; it’s just that they have built more quality in to the finished product and service. Always make sure that you check the product specification and guarantee fully before deciding.


Tip No 6

Suppliers Close to Home

When choosing a company to install windows and doors that you are more likely to get a much better service from a local company who makes and installs their own products locally than you will dealing with a company who make their windows and doors three or four hundred miles from your home. You can’t beat the knowledge that a quality, local supplier will have regarding the performance that’s required from their windows and doors in order that you are completely satisfied with the completed installation and in the event that something does go wrong there’s no doubt that a local manufacturer is in a much better position to rectify the problem quickly and efficiently.

Tip No 5

Check Accreditations (Very Important!)

Many of our representatives highlighted the fact that many companies claim to provide certain standards that upon checking is just not true. Quality accreditations from world renowned organisations such as British Standards Institute (BSI) and British Board of Agrement (BBA) are proof positive that your supplier is making a serious commitment financially and also in terms of the product quality to ensure that you are delighted with your purchase. It is imperative that you ask every company to back up verbal claims with documentary evidence that they have certification, with the company name to back up their claims.

Tip No 4

Choose a Manufacturer

It has become much more common for window and door companies to become suppliers, sourcing their products for your home from anywhere in the UK and abroad. The down side to this type of deal is that often the window manufacturer will provide limited guarantees to your supplier and this can sometimes mean that you suffer from a poisoned purchase whereby the windows and doors supplied are guaranteed for ten years on the window or door profile but hinges and handles and glass units may only be covered for twelve months. In addition the knowledge and expertise required to build windows and doors provides a fantastic resource for all customers to tap in to when required.

Tip No 3

After Sales Service

When choosing a supplier it’s always important to ask yourself whether you feel confident that the firm you are considering will look after your products throughout the guarantee period. It has become fairly common practice for companies to reduce their guarantee responsibilities and this only becomes apparent when reading the detail of your agreement. In addition many companies make customers jump through hoops by insisting that all complaints must be put in writing causing unnecessary delays in responding to the problem.  Give your supplier a real grilling about how service requests are handled and speak to as many relatives, friends and neighbours about their experiences. Quality firms always look at service requests as an opportunity to shine.

Tip No 2


Always check your guarantee! Most customers hope that they’ll only need to buy new windows and doors two or three times in their lifetime so it’s vital when weighing up different quotes that you check whether you have a fully comprehensive guarantee for at least a ten year period covering not only the products but also the fitting. Many customer focused companies also provide an insured guarantee which basically is an insurance policy which covers the guarantee should the company cease trading.

Tip No 1

Solid Reputation

Our Number 1 tip to ensure that you choose the best company to install your windows or doors is to check, check then check again. A good firm should always make you feel confident about their abilities to look after you and there is no stronger recommendation that you can receive than speaking to customers about their experiences. Not every single customer of a firm will be 100% satisfied however ask about the products and service and whether they would deal with the firm again. Good companies recognise the importance of happy customers and like to keep a solid reputation in order that the customer will recommend them and where possible, purchase more products.

Good luck with your improvements, and always bear these tips in mind! Stay away from cowboys and always shop around.



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