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Pamela Deakin

I found Liz Graham who works in the office abrupt and her customer service appalling. I said to Sandy that I would like my door in around 4 weeks, he said he needed to put 4-7 on the order form as a formality but that 4 weeks would be fine. Fair enough. When I received a phone call from Liz Graham about making an appointment for the surveyor, I mentioned the timings and she was sarcastic suggesting I was wrong. When I received a letter confirming my appointment for the door to be fitted, the letter had a day but no time. My street also said Littlejohn Drive rather than Littlemill Drive. I found this particularly strange as Scotia had previously written to me with ‘Littlemill Drive. I emailed Liz to advise her of this error and she said she would contact the administration department. Fine. In regards to the time, Sandy had advised that it would take half a day to fit the door so I had advised him that as I would be taking time off work, I would like to request an afternoon appointment. When I emailed Liz and said there was no time on the letter and could I request an afternoon time I was met with ‘Afternoon appointments are no later than 1 o’clock. The time was fine but I was never told the time would be 1. As a customer I am not a mind reader. On the day itself, by 1.30 the fitters still hadn’t arrived, so I phoned the sales team, the lines were busy so I left a message. No one ever bothered to call me back. The fitters turned up at 2 and fitted the door in 1.5 hours. I handed over a cheque for the balance of the door however I am still waiting for my receipt. I received an invoice from Scotia the next day, it did not say ‘Payment received with thanks’ but suggested that the balance was still outstanding. My address was also wrong, while Littlemill Drive was on the correspondence, it now said Clarkston instead of Crookston. I love the door but the hassle with office staff puts me off getting a front door with Scotia, which I hoep to get at some point next year.

Pamela, thanks for taking the time to respond to our feedback request.  In summary although you seem to be very happy with the product and the installation a few niggling concerns regarding communication and administration details have caused you some concerns.  I have spoken to Liz in our installation department and she has confirmed that the order was scheduled within the time quoted on your order which was as you previously stated  was 4-7 weeks.In addition Liz did send an e-mail to the address you provided on 29 November 2013 at 11.46 confirming our installers would be with you at 1pm on the 6th December. Unfortunately the installers Stevie and Gary did not advise Liz they were running an hour late and as  previously pointed out you left the message on our sales voicemail rather than with Liz or another member of staff in the installation department, as a result they were not able to respond within the that hour that was lost between the planned time of arrival and the time Stevie and Gary actually arrived on the job.   We do apologize for the information relating to your address this was an error on our part however I’ve checked our records to ensure that this had been corrected. The final query you raised is with regard to payment. Clearly the invoice has been entered into our post prior to your payment being made on the day of installation resulting in a crossover of information.   I do hope that this explanation has helped to clarify matters, clearly we want  to provide great products and service to every client and i can see that there have been a couple of issues in this case but as you say you “love the door” so hopefully we’ll hear from you again- thanks Scotia

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