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Graeme Lang

Despite 2 voice messages and 3 emails no one has bothered to contact us regarding issues with the patio and bathroom, following installation 4 weeks ago!! This level of customer service is appalling.
Issues are:1. Small chip on patio window and scores on pvc. 2. Draft coming through lock – can actually see daylight through it 3. Patio window was actually too small for window it replaced – installers had to build gap up with wood. 4. Bathroom window difficult to open and shut as catching on pvc. Have to push handle upwards to shut and already wearing pvc away where it is catching. We are worried that we will break handle as putting stress on this to open and close.
This review is not a reflection on Peter or the installers as both were excellent once again and I would have no problem recommending these guys to anyone.
I would appreciate it if someone would contact us please. The balance on the windows is still outstanding and won’t be paid until someone at least contacts us to acknowledge our mails and voice messages.

Graham I’m sorry to hear the problems that you’ve experienced I will check that matters have been dealt with and your problems resolved. If you have any issue please do not hesitate to contact me direct george@scotiadg.co.uk and I’ll deal with your matter personally- Thanks Scotia. 

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