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George Crawford

Initial sales person visit,was,as expected friendly and informative.
However the order was amended as a result of potential for damage to tiling in our upstairs bathroom. Seemed to be a difference of opinion between the rep and the gentleman who came to measure the windows. We took the latter’s opinion. Unusually, for the fist time in all our dealings with Scotia we got the impression that the sale was the most important thing. In all our previous dealings, the sale was important but customer service was paramount. To be fair the rep did call to apologise.
Your installation team were excellent and as usual you would not have know that they had been in the house. Couteous,very tidy and kept us fully informed at every stage. Well done.
We were a little disappointed that the practice of sending someone to inspect the installation after completion had ceased.

George, thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback. The existing window in your home, which was fitted by another firm had been installed in such a way that in order to remove the window, all the tiles would, more than likely, have been damaged. To be fair to Raymond, your salesperson, the responsibility for assessing the installation does lie with the surveyor, John Templeton who asked that you were advised of this potential issue.  We’re glad that you are delighted with the installation and I’m pleased to tell you that Scotia still arrange installation inspections. The inspections are carried out as random visits as these are written in to our Quality Management System. Thank you Scotia

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